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Please Review Below Suggested Titles & Apps for Most Ages. 

While selecting a good book for your own family member may be a little easier, we find many of us struggle in selecting books for friends.  Our lists include old favorites, popular in 2016 & unique.

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Books, Game & Apps - Gifts ... Recommendations For Specific Ages

(Baby Books are in the Baby Store.)

Children 3 - 5 years:  Books
"The Good, The Bad & The Munchkin"  
"Little Elliott", 
"Who Done It",  
Dr. Seuss "What Pet Should I Get",  
"Ninja Red Riding Hood",  "Id' Know You Anywhere My Love",  "Waiting",  "Rude Cakes", 
"Max The Brave".
"Grandma's Pre-School", "Star Gurus",  
"Crazy Gears"

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Children 6 to 8 years: Books
"Serfina & The Black Cloak", 
"The Hero & The Crown", 
"The Copper Gauntlet", "Theodore Boon", "Charlottes Web", "Incredible YOU",  
"Wings of Fire (series)",  "Esperanza Rising", 
"The School For Good & Evil"
"Wally Wins",  Oratio's Flute Master", "Think Rolls 2", 
"The Great Inventors"

Children 9 to 15 :

Books - "Took",
"Don't Judge A Girl By Her Cover" 
Chaos Walking Series
"Purpose Driven Life", 
"The Genius Files"
"Harry Potter (series), "Star Wars", 
"Circus Mirandus", "Grandpa's Great Escape", 
"An Eagle In The Snow", "Magnus Chase & The "Sword of Summer"
"The Summoning"
"Yodi Chronicles", "Dragon Box Elements", "DK-The Human Body AP"
"Middle School Confidential"  
"The Room Two Puzzle", 
"Simple Rockets" "Soduku"