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Tween to Teens  & Young Adult GIFT Ideas

Please review the list BELOW for various ages.  Type Any Item You Are Looking For in the SHOP. CONNECT. ENJOY store to find all things.

GIFT IDEAS For Pre-Teen to Young Adults
I-Tunes Gift Cards,  Smart Phones, Fitness Watches, Apple Watches North Face Danali Skiers Jacket, DIY Smart Phone Projector,  Favorite Foods, Gift Cards, Selfie Arm, Bike Lights by Bike Britz,  Monogrammed or Cause Support Tees,  Jewelry, Wii on X-Box,  X-Box Games, Nintendo WII, Bikes & Accessories, Ceiling Bike Lift, Apple Laptop Lock, Books & Videos  

Tweens (pre-teen)
Madd Gear Pro Base Scooter,  
Spiro Graph, Despickable DVDs         Lego City Undercover 
V-Game, Pogo Sticks, 
Smart Robotic,
Horse Toys & Riding Gear
Dance Gear, Music Boxes
Sports & Activity Toys, Bikes 
Just Dance Disney Party,  
Keyboard, Magazines,                       Frozen, Monoply,  
Apples to Apples, Mindstorm, 
Lego Architecture
Movie Gift Cards,
Books & Videos

TEENS - 13 to 17
Art & Hobby Supplies
I-Pods,  Anything X-Box, 
Phones, Phone Covers,  APPS
Lap Tops, Tablets, Computers
Fashion Table Sketching,  
Chess Set w/ Video, 
Just Dance 4,  
Dance Gear, Yoga Gear
Awesome Origomi, 
Jewelry, Watches, Fitness Watches, and Swatches,
Sports Gear, Make-up Brushes, 
Horse Gear, Theme Park Travel, Books & Videos
Ceiling Bike Lift