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In just a few short years we have seen cryptocurrency emerge on the marketplace. It is indeed an amazing new way to look at transfer of monies, wealth, industry development. It offers us a new way to invest in an ICO and not an IPO, a new way for venture capital to travel worldwide quickly, a new technical revolution and a new SAFETY HAZZARD for our funds.

Not that it is wrong to invest, but it is wrong to store it casually. There are many hackers out there waiting for the opportunity to steal your online stored coins. Your wallet is like a bank with no guards or alarms.

You must put those in and choose wisely.  choose wisely, some crypto wallets are easy to break into wallet prices vary from free to over one-hundred dollars.

  • wallets charge a small transaction fee
  • are very simple to set up and some very hard
  • many allow credit card or bank account access path
  • are necessary to trade and exchange cryptocurrency
  • allow you to purchase or trade coins quickly and easily - both between other coins or deposit in your bank
  • allow you to do shopping at many stores and online
  • the growth and popularity is enormous in all areas but a few countries in the world....China, South Korea, India, and many African countries.

Many cryptocurrency coins have a simple wallet to store your coin purchase - but move the crypto quickly to a safer wallet.

Also Coinbase is a common method to purchase - but move it quickly to a safer wallet.

We found four types of wallets that are stored in the Cloud, on your computer, and in a USB port, and mobile wallets (APP). ALL must be stored and passwords logged in a separate note/book with elongated passwords and keys ........ harder to hack. Many offer a different set of useful tools within the wallet.

We found some wallets only store 3 or 5 cryptocurrency, while others store up to 300 types of cryptorcurrency.

The Highest Recommendations Are Found In Our Online Store:

After careful study and reading the 2018 best awards...we share:

Ledger Nano S is #1 is preference


Exodus: Multiple currencies

Trezor Wallet: Best recovery system

Jaxx Wallet: Good for quick trading.


KeepKey Wallet: a good backup wallet

My Ether Wallet: Great for Ripple, Bitcoin & Ethereum

Bittrex Wallet: Good for quick trading of coins

Rippex: purchase Ripple


Let's face facts of who is getting involved with CryptoCurrency now!

Truly the wild wild west of investments, but understand these people are jumping IN. ... Bill Gates, Wences Casares, Kevin O'Leary, plus Goldman Sachs and many on Wall Street are setting up a desk to handle cryptocurrency. As with any investment you stand a chance to loose your is a gamble!

Along with the development of this new style currency, comes the WALLET. Many people have several different styles of wallets and some give you a very insecure wallet with your purchase of the currency, but it is advisable to move it quickly into a safe wallet.

Regulations for our present banks do not allow you to deposit cryptocurrency in a regular bank of exchange. You could place a USB/ Wallet in a Safety Deposit Vault.

Consider a crypto wallet as a mini bank. It does not have an armed guard, a vault nor a burglar alarm. The safe keeping of your investment can be hacked (robbed) if it is not in a secure crypto wallet. Much like anything, it relates to your personal style, type of crypto you are purchasing, and offers a variety of methods for storage of your investment.

The safe keeping of your investment has to do with your ability to create a unique code and key to open your wallet and close it. This code and key must be kept in a safe place. They suggest you have a written code book of all your investments and trades with dates and prices logged, and kept in a safe place. Some suggest a duplicate book kept, or a backup on a USB and clear your computer of information or links to items you were interested in.

Some wallets only hold four or five types of coins and others hold up to 300 styles of coins. If constant trading is important to you, then consider those. They are coming out with wallets that offer you secrecy.

Some wallets require you to:

clear your computer of all debris, virus, phishing, etc.

turn off your computer and do their step by step method of installing their cloud system.

Many people prefer a cloud based platform, while others want the ability to hold it in their pocket on a USB platform, or on a computer set up that allows charts to show growth. Some have all the features. Some are APPS to download from Google or Apple.

We suggest you take each one of the listed on the left and place the name in your Google Courser and explore the differences and prices plus reviews ...... here. Purchase In Our Online Store

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